I hope I don't jinx things by writing about it, but have you ever had a car that you really liked? Well this holds true for my Oldsmobile Alero. I am the third one to own it, but I have put the most miles on it. I got it almost 3 years ago with 167,000 miles and now I am at 254,000.  It has a few quirks, it's showing it's age but when it was in the -20's the last time, the next morning it groaned but it started. I know some people with new cars that were calling for the tow trucks.  I drive as most of you know, from the Twin Cities every day. A little over 100 miles round trip.  Plus other trips when I get home. Soon I need to get something else because my vehicle size needs are changing. But my daughter has said she wants to keep the Olds, as long as it's safe to drive. That's cool because every once in a while then I will still get to take it for a ride. Drive safely and let's be careful out there.