I know this will come as a shock but I did not forget Mothers Day on Sunday. My Mom is easy as she likes hanging flower baskets for along the garage and house. So, I picked up a couple on the way out to the farm Sunday afternoon to work on the sprayer. In the picture is what Louise wanted for Mothers Day. Stephen was home for a couple days for a Chemistry Conference in Minneapolis and had to leave Saturday afternoon for New Orleans. When the kids were little we went on the Log Chute at the Moll of America and purchased the picture. So, Louise wanted a family picture again in the Log Chute! Laura "took one for the team" and sat in front. Yes, she got very wet as did Louise! Stephen stayed dry in the rear which was ok as we had to take him to the airport. It did turn out a little more expensive then planned. Here is a tip ladies, when you go on the Log Chute don't set you purse on the floor! Louise poured the water out of her purse and of course her cell phone was in her purse! Good thing she was eligible for an upgrade!