So does the Department of Agriculture pay its employees to run through field with butterfly nets attempting to quarantine these moths?

How does one quarantine a moth? Does it take directions? You, moth, sit, stay. Good moth.

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The state agriculture department is announcing plans for a gypsy moth quarantine for Lake and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota.

The department says this is the first time the state has imposed a quarantine to try to limit the spread of gypsy moths. The invasive insect is one of America's most destructive tree pests. They were caught in record numbers along the North Shore last year.

Officials say the proposed quarantine will help ensure gypsy moths aren't being transported on certain items. The department planned an event in Duluth for Thursday to announce details.

As part of the proposal, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will begin a 30 day comment period and ask for the public's input. Two public hearings will also be held.