Steve and Diane Clapp of Faribault are truly master sleuths.  They stopped by the KDHL Studios Thursday after finding the medallion following just two clues.  The couple told us during the Midday Report on KDHL they listened to the first clue Monday and read the second clue Thursday at before embarking in the morning on their hunting efforts.  Diane said the second clue comment about the prize being south of the downtown district put them on the hot trail although they really believed it was at the former Garfield school site.  Steve noted he found the medallion in Wapecuta park near some steps at the front of the restrooms building.  The couple have enjoyed 36 years of togetherness and loved the prize package of a four pack of Minnesota Twins tickets, four dinner and show tickets to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, a four pack of Minnesota Zoo tickets and a four pack of tickets to Cantebury Park.  Plus the get to keep the Silver Medallion handcrafted by Chappuis Jewelers of Faribault.  Thanks also to Little's Lawn Care and Snow Removal for assisting in delivering this year's KDHL Medallion Hunt.