Would you like a pumpkin for a Halloween jack o' lantern? How about a couple pumpkins for home made pumpkin pie? The Kenyon Wanamingo FFA and Alumni Association will have pumpkins for sale this Friday evening at the Kenyon Wanamingo Knights home football game. Plus, pumpkins will be for sale during the home game on October 18, 2018. The pumpkins were raised in the Kenyon Wanamingo FFA Pumpkin Patch.

A certain Kenyon Wanamingo FFA Alumni Association "Dad" happened to have about an acre that was not being used. In addition this "Dad" had access to some hog manure to use as fertilizer. He came up with the idea of having the Kenyon Wanamingo FFA members raise pumpkins as a fund raiser for the Kenyon Wanamingo FFA Alumni Association.

Dad fertilized and tilled the future pumpkin patch. Then Kenyon Wanamingo FFA members planted the pumpkins and weeded it all summer long. Yes, they hoed and pulled the weeds by hand! It reminded me of when I was walking beans pulling weeds. It builds character right? About a week ago most of the pumpkins were picked, by FFA members of course.

They have more than 500 pumpkins that will hopefully be sold at the Kenyon Wanamingo Knights football games. The big ones will be sold for $6 and the smaller ones will be $4. The FFA Alumni Association will use the funds raised to help fund scholarships for FFA members who are seniors and also help with the cost of members traveling to the National FFA Convention late this month in Indianapolis.