Today's weather was cooler, it rained much of the day, and was just kind of dreary. Despite the fact that I have already seen some leaves on the ground, I am choosing to be blissfully ignorant and believe that today was just a rainy day.

Summer is not over yet. It can't be. Labor Day is this weekend, and summer doesn't technically end for another month. So while I have a friend planning their holiday lights already, and other friends making plans to see the fall colors- I'll be over here living in complete denial and carrying on with my summer! I still have a lot to do! More evening walks with the dogs, more days floating down the river, more time spent on a front porch, more patio dining, more shorts weather, more of it all!

To protest the grey day, I'll be listening to summer time music and looking at warm weather images like this happy hibiscus flower!  Are you embracing the change of seasons, or with me on Denial Island?

Photo: K Krage