Earlier today we recieved a news release here at the Power96/ KDHL studios stating that a Faribault man won $1,000,000 on a Mega Millions ticket!

Awesome news for him! When you hear such an incredible story about someone local you can't help but think "That could have been me!". Well, needless to say, it wasn't me but that doesn't mean I can't ponder all the ways I'd spend my post tax winnings!

I would:

  • Pay off my student loans
  • Buy a newer car
  • Purchase a cute little house
  • Pay off my parent's morgage, along with my older sister's, and create an account for my younger sister's future home
  • Establish a college savings account for my Goddaughter
  • Make a sizable donation to the Alzheimer's Association 
  • Lest you think this all sounds too responsible, I would also cross a few items off the bucket list! I would take trips to places I've always wanted to see with family and friends: Italy, Australia, Iceland, and the Virgin Islands seem like a good start!
  • Buy a really nice frame to display that winning ticket
  • And then I'd put the rest in savings, bonds, stocks, ect and come back to work!

How would you spend it? Would you be practical or experience a lavish lifestyle while it lasts?  The Barenaked Ladies have an entire song dedicated to the topic!