I saw this picture in a daily market newsletter that was circulating around the trades. Guess it's not like the modern planters that traders think we can plant the entire corn crop in four or five days but, it's a step up from a two row planter the horses used to pull. The grains were going different directions today. Wheat was the strong one, corn in the middle and beans the weak one. Corn has very good demand with feed, exports and ethanol plus maybe a little support from the cool wet weather in the upper Midwest. Wheat had support from the low yield reports from the K C Wheat tour where they found the lowest yields since 1996. In addition the Southern Plaines are suffering from hot dry weather. Beans were under pressure from beans being imported into the United States from South America. Stocks still are very tight until we get what traders anticipate will be a "huge" crop of beans this fall. There is a lot of trade talk about more beans acres being planted this year.