This past weekend was the final time the Holidazzle would marching through downtown Minneapolis. Not just the final time for the year, but for the forseable future. I love this time of year- the music, the lights glittering in the dark, decorating the tree, all of it, so I didn't want to miss out on the final run of a parade that has become a tradition for so many. I rounded up a couple friends and headed north to see the parade on Friday, the second to last time the parade would be there.

Photo Credit: C. Messmer Used with permission

It was a chilly night, but hats, mittens, and boots kept us warm and we watched the parade. It was such a fun evening and the floats were decked out with lights and various themes. There was a 'Wizard of Oz' float, a pirate ship float, Gingerbread house, snowmen and more. A marching band played holiday favorites as they passed us, and even their uniforms had lights!