As Mike Eiler,  the Brand Manager, at Power 96 reminded me today that it was National Pie Day, I was thinking about a couple of things. 1. What an odd time of year in Minnesota to have pie day. I think it should be a summer thing, but what do I know. I was also thinking about the fact that I love a glass a milk with my pie. And as I was at the store the other day I was amazed at all of the different kinds of milk that there are.  You have your basics, whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim and there are those who get butter milk yet.  And you can get chocolate or strawberry in whole or lowfat varieties, and for those that can't handle lactose, you have milk from soy in a few flavors and even milk from almonds(not bad but a little sweet for my taste). So with all the choices and I am sure there may be a few I missed there should always be milk.  What's your favorite. Give a comment let me know.