I wanted to send a special Thank You to Mark and Sherry Chamberlin from Pine Island for hosting the Goodhue County Day on a Dairy Farm last Saturday. We had a lot of people that stopped by for a free cheese burger lunch. More importantly, there seemed to be a number of families there that did not know a lot about dairy farming. That was the idea to get consumers there to see how dairy Farmers like the Chamberlin's take care of their cows. In the picture is the Goodhue County Dairy Princess in the Chamberlin's free stall barn. Certainly three delightful young ladies! You could "hear" their smiles when we were on the "air" Saturday. The Princess are Krystin Anderson, Samantha Keller and Mikayla Piller. I took this picture on my flip phone just before it died! It took a couple days to get set up with a new phone. It is quite a learning process moving up to an I phone. I was fortunate that they were able to get all the pictures and data off my old phone.