I know I need to get a life. When I have a few minutes to relax, I turn on the TV, get out my lap top computer and read about agriculture. There are a number of sites I go to including Ag Web. There was an article there that caught my attention. Get Ready for GMO Fruit Salad: Fruit Modified Apples Hit the Midwest. The article was written by Bloomberg. Since 1995 when Round Up Ready soybeans were approved all of the GMO traits were on the input side. It was easier to control weeds or insects.

This is the first time there is a GMO trait on the output side of food production. This apple is called Arctic apples. Researchers were able to identify a gene in the apple genome that makes the apples turn brown. They were able to modify that gene and suppress it or turn it off. The cut apples no longer turn brown in a couple days. These apples were grown this year in Washington State. I am not certain they will be grown in Minnesota. It has been more than 20 years since GMO food was introduced. Even after all this time it is still quite controversial!