For many years when I was growing the state of Minnesota you could only possess sparklers and some firecrackers.  Now there is a bigger variety of legal fireworks in Minnesota. You can even get them at the grocery store.  And I have no problem with these. We have put on a nice little show in our neighborhood with these. And again these are the legal ones. They don't shoot up in the air etc. But because these were made legal, there are a lot of people that have taken it a step further.

They go to other states that sell any kind of fireworks and bring them back.  It's dangerous to transport these, they are dangerous to be lighting these off in populated areas.  And there are so many people doing it that law enforcement agencies can't get after them all.

The other problem is that people feel they need to do them every night in some areas. I think the window they can be used needs to be shortened a bit.

I have again no problem with the legal fireworks. Enjoy. Just be safe.  Be mindful of your neighbors if you are in a populated area and leave the big shows to the professionals. And there will be many of those shows all over the state this month.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Oleksii Sagitov