The Rice County Fair is only three weeks away! Earlier this week on the way home I drove through the Rice County Fairgrounds. It sure looked like everything was ready. The buildings looked great and with all the rain the lawn was beautiful. John Dvorak, the executive secretary of the Rice County Fair, was on AM Minnesota today. It is fun because John always brings a guest or two along for the program. This week it was Melissa Erasmus from Gold Star Amusements.

For many years Gold Star Amusements has entertained fairgoers at the Rice County with their carnival rides, games and food stands. Gold Star Amusements is a family business and Melissa is the fifth generation. They are on the road from March through September every year. They are actually based in Minnesota and the "season" begins in Texas early in March. They are a very professional organization with the appearance of the rides, benches and flowers they set up, even their employees have matching shirts. I am a little old too get excited about all the carnival rides but I enjoy watching other people on the rides. Hope to see you at the Rice County Fair!