Here's Clue number 2:

Faribault was recently named the Best Historic Downtown in Minnesota.

With over 40 properties on the National Register of Historic Places quota.

The treasure you seek will not be found in this area of town.

Head south my friends and you may soon lose your frown.

Remember Clue 1:

Time to begin the fun again of the KDHL Medallion Hunt.

During Heritage Days where Faribault is out front.

The handcrafted Chappuis Jewelers silver medallion is the prize you seek.

Better know your Faribault history and don't be meek.

A reminder when you find the silver medallion bring it

to the KDHL studios and be wearing a current Heritage Days button to receive the prize package valued at over $500.  If you aren't wearing a current Heritage Days button you receive $25 cash.