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Good Sunday morning!
Good morning! Ron with you throughout much of today on KDHL. At 6:30 this morning, listen for Born to Win with Ronald Dart, followed by Renfro Valley Gathering, then Faith Mountain Minitries at 7:30. At 8:00am, the live worship service from Trinity Lutheran Church comes your way, then at 9:00am, the…
Be careful
Good morning! Ron with you today on KDHL. Road conditions are still not in great condition, so be sure to check road conditions before venturing out at Be careful if you do venture out! Have a great day!  :)
It is a great day!
Good morning! Today is my anniversary. Nine years ago I married my wonderful wife, Lori. Happy Anniversary honey! I just got to thinking this morning that Craig Ebel and I have one thing in common; We both have wives named Lori! How funny would it be if we had the same anniversary also...
It’s a great Sunday morning!
Good morning! Ron sharing a cup of coffee with you today on KDHL. It looks like more snow on the way overnight tonight into Monday. Stay tuned to KDHL for the latest weather information and community announcements.
Sports on the air today!
Good afternoon! Ron with you into the evening hours on KDHL. Kenyon/ Wanamingo versus Dover Eyota Wrestling just about ready to get started right now and also this afternoon, Carleton Knights ladies' basketball versus Saint Ben's this afternnon starting about 2:45pm today on KDHL...
It is a great weekend!
Good morning! Coaches shows just underway through 11:30 this morning. What did you do for Valentine's Day? I hope you had a great Valentines Day and you have a great weekend as well!
Good morning!
Good morning, Ron with you throughout much of today on KDHL! I had a horrible cold this past week which lead me to wonder; I know some people have great home remedies that they do that help colds. Clarice told me yesterday afternoon she crunches up garlic cloves and takes them, and that seems t…
Sunday morning with Ron
Good morning! I hope you are having a great weekend! Join me with a cup of coffee this morning on KDHL, as I bring you some great music and programming this morning. Wind Chill advisory expires at 9:00am this morning. Looking for high temps around 10 today, and hopefully we can fend off any more wea…
It’s a great weekend!
Welcome to Saturday morning on KDHL! Ron with you today. We are in the middle of our Saturday morning coachs' shows going on through 11:30 on KDHL. Have a great weekend!

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