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Happy Father’s Day
I miss my dad dearly, even after he passed more than 25 years ago. I try to instill alot of my fathering style after my dad. He was hardworking for his kids and in general, understanding, humurous, lovable, and insightful. Happy Father's Day dad...
Thunderstorms in the morning
Good morning! Ron with you now on KDHL. Our 8 year old said this morning; 'What is that noise outside'. My wife replied; ' It is a thunderstorm.' I think it had been so long she forgot what a thunderstorm sounded like! I thought that was cute, and had to share that today...
What songs remind you of spring and summer?
With the great weather today, and appears most of the upcoming week( fingers crossed), I was wondering what songs come to mind when you think of spring and summer? The ones that come to my mind right away are "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney and " Summer in the City&…
It is a great Sunday morning!
Good morning! I hope you are having a great weekend! Ron with you on KDHL. It looks like it is going to be near 60 degress today, so another nice day! I think we are due for it! Have a great weekend!
What are you going to do outside today?
Since the weather is supposed to be nice today, although windy, I was wondering what you will do outside with the warmer weather? I look forward to your comments. I hope you are having a great weekend, and enjoy the weekend that is left!  :)   -Ron
Good morning!
Good morning! Ron with you on KDHL. I could hardly believe it was in the 40's when I walked out the door early this morning to come to work! Lower 40's across much of the area this morning with highs expected in the low 60's today. Nice! Have a great day...
What a georgeous afternoon
Hi! Ron with you on KDHL. If 45 feels this great, I wonder what 60's will feel like tommoroow? Awesome, I bet! Have a great afternoon!
Spring is coming!
Good morning! Ron with you throughout much of today on KDHL. It is forcasted to be in the 60's tommorrow! That is alot to look forward to! Twins Baseball on the air starting at Noon today. Have a great day!  :)
Sunday survey
I remember ' back in the day' I used to call my local, favorite radio stations to try to win things all the time. I did manage to win a couple things over the years. I was wondering if you have ever won anything from a radio station? Was it a big prize or a smaller prize...
Good morning!
Good morning! Ron with you much of today here on the Mighty 920 KDHL. I hope you are having a great weekend! Is it just me, or do weekends go by really fast? Have a great day!  :)

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