10 Minnesota Favorite Foods
As we get into May and as our thoughts start to turn to the first holiday weekend of the spring/summer (Memorial Day), I thought I would share this information about some of Minnesota's favorite foods. So as you are cooking or traveling you can check out some of these Minnesota favorites...
5 Places to Snorkel in Minnesota
When you think of snorkeling, you probably are picturing somewhere in the Caribbean with warm sandy beaches nearby, palm trees, and an array of colorful, tropical fish populating the water. Minnesota is a far cry from that image, and yet, if snorkeling is something that interests you, there are seve…
The 6 Realest Songs About Sam Hunt’s Wife
Sam Hunt certainly ascribes to the classic mantra, "write what you know." And in his case, what he knew was his relationship with his girlfriend, now wife, Hannah Lee Fowler — the ups and downs and everything in between.
Faribault High School Distinguished Alumni Recognized
A reception was held Saturday evening for the 11 members in the first class to receive the Faribault Falcon High Flyer Distinguished Alumni Award. The reception was held at the Faribault American Legion.
I had members of the organizing committee on an AM Minnesota program not long ago...

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