Faribault High Spring Musical Fits the Glass Slipper
This cast is full of kids with some great singing voices. The choreography is excellent. Every single cast member plays their role well. I really enjoyed the performances of Faith Jameson and Marissa Kenney as Portia and Joy, the mean stepsisters of Cinderella. They have great chemistry and are …
I-90 Closed West of Blue Earth
A lot of people thought this storm wouldn't be such a big deal, but Mother Nature is proving us wrong. We'll be under a Winter Storm Warning this afternoon thru Sunday. Check the map below to see area driving conditions. As the storm comes our way, it's causing lots of trouble...
Best SNL “Commercial” That All Women Will Understand
O.M.G. I am literally on the studio floor laughing. SNL came up with one of the funniest bits I have seen since Justin Timerblake was on as a guest. This one is geared for moms though and I can almost guarantee that anyone with kids, with a couch or thought about hitting the gym will understand.

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