I told you last week about getting ready to go back to the past. Getting ready to participate in  the Cannon River Rendezvous this Memorial Day weekend. By the way you can get information about this event under our Community Billboard announcements.  Camping 1800's style requires much of the same equipment that modern camping does but the older stuff is much bigger.  We use a 14' x 12' Canvas tent, that requires a number of large poles to hold up. Our cooler, is an old trunk lined with styrofoam. It actually does a better job than most modern coolers, keeping things cold. We have a cast iron grate that goes over the fire and we cook on cast iron cookware. And our camp kitchen that holds all of our food pantry items, dishes, utensils and dishpans etc. Underwent a renovation this past weekend. The set up was two larger wooden boxes that were getting difficult to carry. So we made it into five boxes that nicely stack together.  This is how we keep everything out of site and nice and neat. It's a fun way of life.  I have always liked history and doing this kind of camping, is a great way to get a taste of it.  More pictures later this week.

John Anderson Photo