With :13 to go in their West Subsection Championship game in Section One Class 2A Saturday the Cannon Falls Bombers seemed to be assured of either a win in regulation, or an overtime.  After a time out, with the score tied at 46, the Bombers took the ball out of bounds and cast a shot at the basket that caremed off the rim and was rebounded by Byron.  Cannon Falls fouled immediately and there were 6.5 seconds left.  Bear Kip Knutson hit the first free throw then missed the second and Cannon Falls called a time out after securing the rebound with five seconds remaining.  The only problem was, they were out of time outs.  Thus a technical was issued.  Byron's Buster Meyer hits two free throws and the Bears get to inbound the ball.  No turnover secured for the Bombers, they had to foul and the Bears knocked down those free throws to score 5 points in the final 6.5 seconds to repeat as Subsection Champions.  Byron will meet an incredibly talented Caledonia team that dominated Plainview-Elgin-Millville 96-63 in one of the most physical high school games I've witnessed.  It was like football on the hardwood.  Six players fouled out of the game and I was genuinely concerned that somebody might get hurt.  A coach asked me if I thought all those fouls should've been called.  My reply was they had to for protection of the players. The Championship is Thursday night at 8pm at the Mayo Civic Center Arena.

Bear Buster Meyer with Subsection Championship Trophy