It's embarrassing, but it's true: I've been busted! And I've been busted many times!

I love to sing! That doesn't mean I'm any good at singing, it just means I enjoy it. Years ago, when I first started at the station and didn't know my coworkers that well, I kept to myself and tried to keep quiet.... well, as long as they were in the building. But once they left, it was a whole different story- I would crank the tunes and sing along at the top of my lungs. It was fun and it made the second half of the day go by much faster! Little did I know that on a few of these occasions, I was not alone! On one occasion Jerry came walking into the studio to find me (loudly) singing and made a joke about it. Another time, much to my suprise, Mike was working down in his office and called upstairs to "request" a song! He had been there for about four hours and could hear me the entire time! At first I was horrified, but with time, I've come to just accept it. I work at a radio station, I think it's expected that I enjoy music and part of that is singing along! These days I'm frequently quilty of singing throughout the building, I used to just contain it to the studios but there is no safe place now! After almost everyone in the building has caught me several times, I've given up being embarrassed or waiting til they leave. I may not be winning any awards any time soon, but at least I can say I'm having fun at work!  Have you ever been busted?