This is a picture of Crater Lake located about an hour and a half from Medford Oregon where we were staying. It was the bluest water I have ever seen. This mountain used to be over 12,000 feet until the last major eruption 7,700 years ago. During the eruption vents appeared all around the top of the mountain. After the magama was released the top of the mountain collapsed into the crater. Because of the unique environment in the area the crater began to fill with water. They normally receive over ten foot of snow in the winter and as it melts it runs into the crater. The deepest part of Crater Lake is almost 2000 feet deep. Laura decided we should hike down to the lake and take the 20 mile boat ride around the lake. The deep blue color of the water is because the water is so deep, clear and cold. From the rim of the volcano it was a 1.1 mile hike down to the lake. It was a little harder going back up the trail. In the 1.1 mile hike it was like climbing a 70 story building!