If this were an episode of Batman or  Rocky and Bullwinkle the story would start out something like this.

"When last we left our brave heroes out on the frozen tundra of Lake of the woods, John reported that they had arrived safely with his crew of 45. And they were preparing to get some sleep before heading out on Thursday for their first full day of fishing. We pick up the story there."

Thursday day we were taken out about 45 minutes from the resort in our trusty Ballard's bomadier with our guide at the controls to our fishing shack for the day..

The fishing was a little slow. Samantha whom we affectionately called "The Rookie" could not land one. We caught a few small ones.

But had lots of fun talking and enjoying the day being out on the ice. My other "big catch" of the day....


So a lass our heroes went back to the resort that night in anticipation of the next day. We were going to switch shacks, thinking this might help. We enjoyed the evening with one of the locals of thinks he knows a lot about landing the big fish. Here is Justin Turner with my son Kevin. Woke up Friday all excited for a great day.

There was more action, although many of the fish were small. But "the rookie' got her fish.












A couple of people got some that were 25" and 29" . We all had fun and got home safely. And now the "Rookie" wants to do more ice fishing this year somewhere and next. Guess we set the hook.