Friday afternoon I went down to Ag Power Enterprises in Owatonna to pick up my tractor for the Dam Days Parade in Morristown. In the picture is my 820 standing next to the big John Deere 4-wheele drive tractor. I don't think it was an accident it was parked there! In 1958 the 820 was the largest tractor John Deere manufactured. In that time it was an amazing tractor. Two cylinders 12 inches in diameter with about 40 horsepower produced from each cylinder. In addition to it's size it had a "live" power-take-off meaning you had a separate clutch for the power-take-off. In addition it had hydraulics to raise and lower implements and power steering! Fast forward about 55 years to the tractor sitting next to my 820. It makes my 820 look like a "baby." It is not even the largest John Deere manufactured today!